About Us


About Us

We find the right mills and manufacturers for your specific needs, get you the bargains and discounts your business deserves, monitor every part of the process, keep you in control at every step, and assure the reliable delivery of quality in every garment.
With S&S, you have a partner with the market knowledge and textile technology expertise to help you get your designers and developers ready for their jobs.
Our sophisticated systems track all the details from pre-production through to final delivery. And then we work with you to learn how to produce an even-better order next time.
S&S has made a science of the systems and services you need to give you complete control over your quality and costs.That's why so many global brands are consistently delighted at the benefits they get from S&S.
Fibre supplies. Spinning capacities. Fabric capabilities. Innovations in dyeing, printing, embroidery, washing, finishing and especially sewing. Quality and reliability records. Shipping changes. Where the colors are trending.


S&S saves time and money for global clothing brands through expertise at every step from design consultation to post-delivery service.


S&S is the preferred choice for single-window garment sourcing.

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